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Manage your layout projectswith visual flat plans

Common questions in Print Design:

How do my pages look?
We need to insert or move a few pages! Is the cover story finished?
How much time do we still have?

With pageplanr you can overcome these questions easy!

Create Flat Plans

Create print projects with any number of pages. The projects can be assigned to customers and provided with a title, issue and description. New projects can be created based on existing projects, copying all the necessary information automatically.

Page information

Title, layout filename, notes and especially the current status can be stored individually for each page.

The layout progress of each page is visualized with colors.

Change Flat Plan

Pages can easily be moved with the mouse and reorganized. You can, of course, delete or insert pages at any time. Thus, you are always able to take into account any changes in your print project.

Perfect Layout Control

For each page you can upload preview images using drag + drop. This lets you get an immediate sense of the flow of your print project.

And with the upcoming Mac App it gets even easier: simply drag the layout files onto the app, and the previews are generated automatically and sent to your pageplanr project!

First things first

All the basic information about your project at a glance, especially how far it has progressed.

For the full view

The summary list of the pages quickly shows all the information for each page: layout, page notes, and current status can be quickly seen, as can the remaining tasks.

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