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Short version

pageplanr is an online communications- and organization tool to plan, organize and control design-projects.

Slightly longer version

pageplanr lets you manage flat plans for flyers, brochures, magazines, catalogs and other kinds of design projects. It is also a private communications platform for all people involved in a design project, where they can exchange information about the layouts.

Release date

pageplanr.beta was made publicly available on April 1, 2015.
The beta phase will end in the summer of 2015.

Who is the founder?

Tom Nakat studied science of communication at the University of Munich and started working as a freelance graphic designer and web developer in the early 90s. Workflow optimization and automation has always been a central issue in his work and he developed several systems for the automated cross-media production of catalogs. In 2000 he founded a successful advertising agency with a partner.

Press kit

Download the presskit to get the press release,
printable logos and screenshots.

download (5 MB)

And if you have any further needs,
just let us know!

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