Project settings

From creating new projects, you're already familiar with the majority of the points found in the project settings. Current wording

You can edit the project's title and comment here, as well as the production duration, the format and print sheet size, and whether or not the project has a cover.

As an additional setting, you can also define whether the project is still active or completed.

On the right end there is a chart summarizing your project's current status: This allows you to see how far production has advanced at a glance. In your account preferences, you can specify how many and which status names are displayed on different pages, as well as what color they are displayed in.

Assemble project team

Below the project settings, members of your account are listed. By clicking on the members, you can easily add them to the project and also remove them. Only the team members who are part of the project have access to this project. This way you can create different teams for each project.

For more on team members, see Account-Team