The future of pageplanr

pageplanr is constantly being developed. Here we give you an outlook on what we are working on and what you can look forward to in the future.


In addition to pageplanr, we offer contentplanr, a service with which you can plan the content of publications, websites and social media contributions. In the future, it will be possible to link pageplanr projects with projects in contentplanr, so that the content of contentplanr can be accessed directly in pageplanr. This will make it possible to plan, organize and control publications even more comprehensively and in greater detail.

And with werkherz we offer creatives and agencies a tool to manage their businesses. With werkherz you can create quotes and invoices in seconds, you can organize all your work processes and with on eclick send print requests to as many print shops as you like.

In the future, we want to dovetail this with pageplanr, so that, for example, the ads placed in pageplanr projects can be automatically billed with werkherz.

Larger images

We want to enable a higher resolution of the page images so that the previews and PDFs look even better. At the same time, we want to make the page plan look even faster, i.e. a small version of each image is automatically created for the plan and the large original version is only used for the preview.

What else?

Do you have ideas or wishes for features in pageplanr?
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we always have an open ear and are happy to receive feedback.