we don't want to see anything like that again!
Guys, we don't want to see anything like that again!

A pageplanr project basically consists of the page plan, which finally makes complicated handmade plans like the one you see here redundant.

Each page in a pageplan has a certain status (e.g. "layout is ready") and a certain page type (e.g. "text plus half-page ad"). The status is visualized by a color and there are icons for the different page types. So you always have an optimal overview of your productions.

pageplanr provides you with a set of status colours and page types right from the start. You can also define your own status names and page types in your account preferences at any time.

And to get a visual impression of how your pages will run, you can upload an image for each page that shows the layout of the respective page. (If you work with Adobe InDesign, you can easily export corresponding image files from the layout file).

The result is, a page plan that look like this:

A page plan can look like this in pageplanr
A page plan can look like this in pageplanr

However, there are a number of features around the page plan that provide you with further assistance to get your print projects perfect.

The team chat, for example, is a very central function. Instead of sending endless emails between all those involved, you can exchange information directly in pageplanr about all aspects and details of the production, distribute tasks and appointments and always have all information easily available centrally.

With a detailed schedule you can ensure that you never miss appointments again. and with the budget module you have your costs under control.

The previews and attractive PDFs that you can create from your page plans help you to successfully present your projects to customers or in editorial offices.