The page plan shows the sequence of all pages of your project.

The page plan shows the sequence of all pages of your project

Each page can have a title, which is displayed above the page. Below the page is the page number.

For each page, either the current status and page type is shown, or an image of the layout if a corresponding image has been uploaded.

Select pages

To change the data of one or more pages, they must first be selected with the mouse: Click on a page. This page is marked by a blue background. Then click on another page to expand the selection. Hold down the Shift key on your keyboard to select all the pages between the first selected page and this page. If you hold down the Alt key instead, you can select any unconnected series of pages.

There are two ways to change the data of the selected pages: The context menu or the Inspector. The main difference between these two options is that you use the context menu to define a single property for all selected pages; all other properties of the pages are not affected. With the In Sector, on the other hand, all properties of the selected pages are set to the same value.

Context menu

When you move the mouse over a page, three vertical dots appear at the top right of the page title. Click on these dots to open the context menu.

context menu

In the context menu you can now change the title, status, type or note of the selected pages.

You can also move pages, insert new pages, delete pages, and delete layout images.

To close the context menu without changing anything, click on the bottom option "close".

close the context menu