Besides the context menu, the inspector also offers the possibility to change data and settings for individual pages.

change data and settings for individual pages with the inspector

Select the pages you wish to update first (more information on how to select pages can be found here). When you pick a page, the information from the first page you clicked will appear in the Inspector.

The title, status, type, and note of the selected pages can now be edited. When you click Save, the Inspector's settings will be applied to all of the pages you've selected.

As a result, the Inspector can be used to apply the settings from one page to as many other pages as you choose. This saves a lot of time, especially when working with newly added pages:

Let's imagine you wish to expand the feature story in the magazine you're currently editing by four pages. Then just insert four pages in the proper location, then select one page from the feature narrative first, followed by the four newly added pages. All you have to do now is click Save in the Inspector, and the four new pages will be built up the same way as the feature story's previous page.

Incidentally, there is a small cross to the right of the title entry area. The title will be removed if you click on this cross.