Full transparency

All information and changes to a project at a glance

Whether internally or from customers -
there are always important questions to answer

When was the layout corrected?
Who has to rewrite the headline?
Why has the ad been moved?

pageplanr gives you all the answers

  • Easy time mangement

    Easy time mangement

    Each project may have any number of production stages which can be easily edited: just drag and change them with your mouse.

    Download your timeline as a nice PDF to distribute it to your stakeholders and team.

  • Control your budget

    Control your budget

    The project budget consists of global and page related expenses and revenues.

Make the best impression

Finally, you want to present your layouts.
The preview mode is great in the development phase and in the final layout.
For your team or for your customers.

Nothing is easier!

  • Interactive slideshow

    Interactive slideshow

    Scroll through the double pages in preview mode. See all layout details and get an even better impression of the overall design and the layout rhythm of your print project.

  • Export to PDF

    Export to PDF

    You can download your entire flat plan as a PDF file, to document individual stages of the project or to have a current flat plan available also offline.

Just try pageplanr.
Creating an account is free and no credit card is required.
You will see that pageplanr will be an indispensable aid for managing your print projects.

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