How to get your designs into pageplanr

One of the most important features of pageplanr is it's ability to give you an instant overview of the look and rhythm of your page designs. If your design project lives in a single layout file that's probably not such a big deal for you. But if it's a bigger project your designs will be split into multiple layout files. And even more so if your working in a team. That's where pageplanr will become your friend.

Make the images

The first step is to create the images from your pages. You could just make screen shots. On the mac that's done with the short cut command-shift-4, on windows press the "Print Screen" key on your keyboard. Or you can use one of the many available utilities to make screenshots.

But if you're using Adobe InDesign it's much easier to use it's built-in export function. Open your layout file and then select "Export" in the file menu and choose JPEG for the format at the bottom of the dialog box. In the Export JPEG dialog box, choose what you want to export (selection range, all or spreads , choose the desired quality setting, select Baseline for the Format Method, and in CS3, enter the desired resolution of the JPEG. CS2 will only export the JPEG at actual size, 72 pixels per inch. Click the Export button, and you're finished.

Whichever way you choose, please keep in mind the 500 kB file size limit when you create the images.

Upload the images

Once you've got your images it's easy to upload them to your pageplanr project. Go into your project on, switch to the page info by clicking on the document symbol on the right (and thus hiding the messages), and select the pages you want to upload images to. Then switch to the finder (or to the file explorer if you're on a windows machine) and go to the folder where you've put the images you created in the first step.

And then just drag and drop the images one after the other on the dropzone on the right.