Make your customers happy with beautiful flat plans

When we get a new design project from a customer in general the structure of the project is already quite clear. That’s because most of the times it’s on a project by project contract where we have to formulate a specific offer for every project. And this offer will be based - among other factors - on the number of pages. So our client has to have a rough picture of how the content is structured and how many pages will be necessary. Sure, it’s always posible that the exact number of pages changes while we work on it, but not by much.

The first thing we do is to set up a flat plan of the new project. Since usually we don’t have any material yet it’s just the number of pages we need and every page with a title describing it’s content. We then export it as a PDF and send it to our clients. And every time we get such a good feedback, they’re so happy with this plan. Even though they were the ones who planned the structure of the project in the first place, it seems that our page plan gives them much more clarity and security with their own project.

This is not the only flat plan we send, though. Since it’s so easy to document the incoming flow of text and images for the pages and setting their current status, every now and then we export an updated PDF of the project and send it to our client. We don’t have a rigid procedure or fixed time schedules for this, it depends on the project, on the client and on our gut feeling. But we rather send too much plans and we never have received a complaint about our plans, no one answered “not again!“. Our customers are more likely quite happy about it and “customer sat” (as Tim Cook would say it) is one of our major goals.

So if you want happy customers and provide an excellent service, just start your with project with a nice flat plan.