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preamble: we think we're pretty good developers, but we're definitely not perfect in english - so please be gracious


pageplanr 2.0 is coming!

It's been two busy years now that we launched pageplanr and things are really going quite well so far. pageplanr seems to be liked by quite a few people and we're very thankful for all the feedback, criticism and kudos we've got from our users.

As pageplanr came out of a sheer necessity for our own itches, and obviously there are a lot of design agencies and freelancers who struggle with the same problems as we do, it wasn't too surpring for us to see, that pageplanr seems to be a valuable help for them.

But of course over all this time we also learned that there is still much to improve on and that there are still a lot of features our users are missing. So last autumn we started to do a complete rewrite of the whole pageplanr app and to add new features to it.

And now we're about to be ready to launch the new and shiny pageplanr 2.0!

While we are beta testing the new pageplanr, we wanted to tell you about what you can look forward to.


One of the most requested features were individual preferences for page types and layout phases. Until now pageplanr lets you assign a certain type and a certain status to each page of a project plan. So a page may have an ad on it and the layout may be not ready because there is a missing image.

The number of types and layout phases and there respective titles were predetermined by us. Until now pageplanr served 14 different page types from "Text" to "Ad 1/4 left" and 11 layout phases from "new" to "printing".

In pageplanr 2.0 you will be able to define your own types and phases! For each type you can upload an icon image and define the corresponding title, and you can define as many types as you need. The same is true for the layout phases, where you can define the colors and titles which suit you best.

This is the most important new feature and we really hope that you like the way we've implemented it.


The new version of pageplanr will be much faster! Switching between the different parts of a project (settings, the plan itself, the page list, timeline, preview) will take only a fraction of the time compared to the current version. This may not sound like a great advancement, but we think those little things add up over time. This is what really convinced us to rewrite the complete app.

Page Menu

Each page in a project plan gets its own little menu. Using this menu you will be able to edit all the characteristics of a single page or of multiple pages. Up to now to change only one property of a page without touching the other properties you have to select a page, change the property and then select the next page, where you want the same property to be changed. You could select multiple pages and change that property, but this would change all the other properies for the selected pages as well.

In pageplanr 2.0 you will be able to select multiple pages and changing only one specifiv property without changing other properties.

This as well is an important step forward making pageplanr easier an faster to handle.

Direct Image Upload

In the upcoming new version you will be able to upload page images directly by dragging an image file and dropping it on to the page where it belongs to. Right now you first have to select a page and then drop the image file on the 'dropzone' in the page inspector to the right. This certainly works, but the new way is more intuitive and much faster as well.

So we think you'll love that too.


When will the new version be available, you ask?

We are planning to start the roll out November 2018.

And we can't wait to get your feedback on the new version!

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