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  • 05.04.2015

    Let's have a chat

    One of the most important features of pageplanr is the ability to share informations and comments about the projects. With pageplanr you have all the informations about your project…

  • 09.04.2015

    Stay on top of your tasks

    Every pageplanr message with a colon in it is a task. This task can be assigned to any team member by inserting the team members name in the message and prepending it with an @ sign. So the message…

  • 10.04.2015

    Every step you take

    pageplanr records every change you make to the pages in your project plans. Be it added pages, a change of the status of pages, new page titles or completed tasks - any change by every…

  • 13.04.2015

    Asign a task to team members

    Every message you write can be turned into a task asigned to a particular team member. The advantage of working with tasks are twofold: Tasks get highlighted with a red tag in any list of messages…

  • 15.04.2015

    Connect your layout files to your pageplan

    You want to know, which layout file corresponds to which page in your plan, right? No problem with pageplanr! Let's suppose that you have an InDesign file named tb-surfs-v2-3/1.indd, containing the…

  • 24.04.2015

    Show off

    The pageplanr flat plan gives you a good bird's eye perspective of your project with all relevant informations and the abilty to change any part of your project. But to get a feeling for the…

  • 25.04.2015

    A stream of consciousness

    The project timeline shows you every message regarding your project and every change that occured in the project. The timeline display is divided into two columns, the left one showing all the changes…

  • 11.05.2015

    Erase page images

    Sometimes you may want to delete an page image you've uploaded for a page, instead of just overwriting it with a new one. That's done very easily: hover your mouse over the right upper corner of an page…

  • 09.09.2015

    Start a new project

    Creating a new project is easy. Go to your projects page and click on the button "create new project".   Project settings First give your project a name by providing a client name, a title or an edition…

  • 12.04.2016

    To select or not to select

    You can select pages in your project plan just as you would select items in any desktop application. Click on a page and it gets selected. A click on another page will select this one leaving the former…

  • 17.04.2017

    Note to self

    Need a to do list for your project? Just create task messages and assign them to yourself! Once you accomplished your tasks go into your pageplanr profile and check them off. And enjoy the feeling!

  • 07.11.2017

    How to calculate a deal

    Let's face it, calculating contracts is a total nightmare. However, the truth about the design business is: you not only need your design skill to succeed, but carefully and wisely calculated contracts to…

  • 23.11.2017

    Change page status, but not the title

    So you have setup a nice flat plan and every page has a title corresponding to its contents. Great! Now, if some pages changes because, lets say, you've finished the layout, you want to update their…

  • 13.12.2017

    Talking about specific pages

    In your messages you can refer to certain pages with a # and the page number. So when you want to refer your message to certain pages,  instead of writing long article titles just write something like…

  • 06.02.2018

    Make your customers happy with beautiful flat plans

    When we get a new design project from a customer in general the structure of the project is already quite clear. That's because most of the times it's on a project by project contract where we…

  • 03.04.2018

    Include or exclude a cover into page numbering

    Depending on the type of product you are designing, you may want the page numbering to begin with the first page or you may want to exclude the cover from the page numbering. While a simple six page flyer…