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Plan, organize, control and collaborateall the right features for every stage of your layout productions


Create projects and plan your pages

meaningful flat plans with any number of pages

add, reorder and delete pages at any time

pageplanr warns you when the number of pages of your plan does not correspond to the project settings

quick overview of the progress of the entire project

detailed insight into the state of every page of a project

Comprehensive page info

save title, status, layout file and notes individually for each page

the current status of each page is made clear by corresponding colors

easily upload images of your layouts for any number of selected pages


Project teams

invite any number of coworkers, employees and clients to your account

form individual project teams

change project teams at any time

Communications platform

easily send messages at any time

address messages with "@" to specific team members

turn messages into tasks with ":" and set a due date with ">"


all the tasks of a team member will be listed in their profile

once a task is done, it can be checked with one click


any changes to the pages and all messages of a project are listed in detail in a timeline

any change or message is displayed, with the date and sender

the timeline is searchable and can be filtered by any criteria



a slideshow presents the pages of your projects as beautiful big double pages

clients are only able to see pages that are ready to be presented


download a PDF of the current state of the flat plan at any time

Just try pageplanr.
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You will see that pageplanr will get an indispensable aid for managing your print projects.

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