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preamble: we think we're pretty good developers, but we're definitely not perfect in english - so please be gracious


pageplanr is out of beta

We're happy to tell you that as of today pageplanr is out of beta!

After several month of handling thousands of project pages and chat messages, meticulous testing and listening to your comments and suggestions we flipped the switch. A quite exciting experience, I can tell you! We are celebrating this (and the new year) with a slightly modified logo of pageplanr. We wanted the logo to be more colorful and dynamic, expressing the fun and gratification the design process can have - with or without pageplanr ;-)

Again, thank you all for your using pageplanr - it has been an amazing journey so far and we hope that you stay with us and continue to make great designs with the help of pageplanr.

And one more thing: we will roll out some new features in January! Think page types and ads...

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