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New Function: Delete Projects

Until now there has been no way to delete a project, because we hadn't been settled yet on the best way to do it. Since messages are tied to a specific project we thought we should consider those messages as well. 

So there are three possible ways:
a) delete the project together with all messages
b) delete the project only and leave the messages
c) let the user choose whether messages should be deleted as well

Each one has it's downsides:
a) even though messages are tied to a project, they can be important general messages as well, so you might not want to delete them
b) how would you access messages from a deleted project?
c) we want to make our service as easy as possible - additional options, for which we would have to give explanations on the different implications, always lead to more complexity

Based on what our users said we finally took a decision and went for the first solution. It's clear and easy, and it's what most of our users wanted.

So how do you delete an entire project?
Just click on the option "delete" in the project menu!

Prior to really deleting the entire project you still have to confirm it:


But don't forget, that you still can set the status of a project to "finished". This will move the project at the end of your list of projects (both in the cover view and in the list view). So it is kind of out of the way but you still have access to all of its pages and messages.

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