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did you know? 05.04.2015

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One of the most important features of pageplanr is the ability to share informations and comments about the projects. With pageplanr you have all the informations about your project right where they belong, alongside to your project pages. Not burried in a pile of emails or in hard to manage excel sheets.

pageplanr makes it very easy to post messages: there is the message bar right under the menu bar at the top of the page, which always remains visible in the browser window, even if you scroll down. Just write anything into the long input field in the message bar, hit enter and your message is sent.

Left to the message input there is a drop down menu with the names of all the team members assigned to the project you're working on. When you you want to address your message to a specific team member, instead of having to write her name by hand you can select the name from the drop down menu and it will be automatically prepended to your message.

And there is a handy date picker for those times when your message contains a task and you want to set a due date. 

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