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did you know? 15.04.2015

Connect your layout files to your pageplan

You want to know, which layout file corresponds to which page in your plan, right? No problem with pageplanr!

Let's suppose that you have an InDesign file named tb-surfs-v2-3/1.indd, containing the pages 4 through 7 with the layout of the "surfing story".

Go into your project plan and select the pages 4 through 7, switch to the page info by clicking on the document symbol on the right (and thus hiding the messages) and then drag your InDesign file from the Finder onto the label "File". When the label gets a blue highlight drop the file and the file name automatically gets inserted in the input field besides the label "File". Finally click on save and you're done. It's that easy.

Unfortunately in this manner it is not possible to get the whole path of your InDesign file. Your Webbrowser doesn't allow the access to your file systemand therefor pageplanr can't get the information where your file is located, only it's name.

But help is near! With the upcoming pageplanr app for OSX you will be able to connect your online pageplanr projects with your local files. This will not only enable identifying and saving the entire path to your layout files, but most of all it will automatically update your online pages with images of your layouts.

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