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pageplanr roadmap 2020

Happy new year and welcome to the new decade! We thought we'd take advantage of the beginning of the year and tell you what we have planned for pageplanr this year.

New home for pageplanr

Last year we started a new service: contentplanr.

While pageplanr is dedicated to the layout area in the production process of magazines and brochures, contentplanr is all about content. In order to get the content for a publication, a website or a social media campaign perfectly to the point, the team responsible for creating the content is supported by contentplanr with keywords, style guides and personas. This ensures that texts and images are exactly tailored to the respective target. And an editorial calendar helps to optimally plan a project and to meet all deadlines in the end.

While we also continued working on pageplanr last year, the development of contentplanr naturally tied up a lot of resources. In order for us to meet the requirements and growth of pageplanr and the newly added contentplanr, it is necessary to remove both services from their previous structure and build our own house for them. Therefore, pageplanr and contentplanr will have a new home with immediate effect under the name "zenzible". Only the company structure will change though, people and responsibilities will remain as before.

Integration of contentplanr

The integration of contentplanr into pageplanr is a logical consequence of our efforts to offer services that facilitate the creation of communication media.

In the future it should therefore be possible to display the status of contentplanr content directly in pageplanr. In this way, planning and control will be further improved and more effective. In addition, there will be discounted combination subscriptions for contentplanr and pageplanr.

Upload multiple images

Another important point on our To Do list is the picture upload. We are working on making it possible to upload several pictures at once.

Our end goal is to create a solution that connects InDesign pages directly to the corresponding pages in pageplanr and automatically ensures that pageplanr is kept up-to-date.

However, a number of problems still need to be solved and decisions made. Especially the decision which layout programs and program versions should be supported. So write us which software you use for your layouts! The better we can assess the market here, the faster we will be able to create appropriate solutions.